September 06, 2015 - Dewberry Farm - Kernersville, NC

To be chosen by someone you don't know, who has looked over your work and decided you have the talent they are looing for is a compliment of huge magnitude.  However, to make a friend and then get to photograph a day that will forever live in their hearts is a different kind of compliment and just as important.  Lisa and I know each other through the orthodontist of all places, so we are not so close that I think she felt an "obligation" to have me shoot her wedding.  We know each other well enough to laugh and chat and if she wanted, could walk away from my work without me feeling slighted, after all, I am sure she meets a ton of people.  But she still offered me the opportunity and I am incredibly grateful.   She and Charles are two wonderful people that I was blessed with to share a very memorable day.
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