September 22, 2018 - Legacy Stables & Events, Winston Salem, NC

Well Hurricane Florence.  This couple rescheduled their wedding due to forcasted weather conditions.  Instead of wind and rain, we had a gorgeous sunny day.  However, Florence, intent on being a part of their day still left her mark.  Duke Energy was off helping victims of the hurricane in other areas of the state so when the stables air conditioning went out, they were unable to fix it.   I will just say that it was rather warm for the ceremony and reception.  But a great group of people and a fantastic bride and groom didn't let it get them down.   They made beautiful memories, danced, laughed, ate, and enjoyed the momentous moment that  is made when two people in love, vow to stay together forever.   These are two wonderful people who I had the pleasure of getting to know and share this sweet day!
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