October 05, 2019 - Dewberry Farm,  Kernersville,  NC

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What a party!  Such an enthusiastic group of friends to help this bride and groom celebrate their nuptials.  My assistant and I had a lot of fun watching everyone interact on the dance floor.  Receptions are all so different and getting a crowd to wiggle and jiggle to the tunes isn't always easy.  This bunch brought it!  The bride's mom was so great and I felt like I made an instant friend.  Her daughter is very much like her and as sweet as she is pretty.  The groom was great and like most men, although not a huge fan of photos, was still such a good sport.  He was more eager to pose when we got his bike out and it was fun for me to incorporate it into the wedding pictures and try to be creative wth the "rough" and the "pretty".  I would also like to say that the ladies at Dewberry were really great to work with and I thank them for all their considerations!