October 20, 2020 - DonnahaValley Farm, Tobaccoville, NC

If you've looked through my weddings, you'll  notice that this is the same couple from June 6, 2020.  They waited to have the "Big" wedding due to the pandemic and in doing so, got to celebrate their marriage twice.  And I got to photograph a beautiful couple in two beautiful places.  Both weddings were wonderful and I like that the bride made some changes the second time.  I love a pretty brides up-do but I really love the hair down.  I also love that the first ceremony was at their house, and the second as this gorgeous venue.  I know the pandemic has made things difficult, but you have to find the blessings the situation has created.  I think getting to profess your love with your best friend twice and spending time with the one's who support you, twice, is truly a huge blessing.
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