October 12, 2013 - Fairystone Park,  VA

I've been to Fairystone but only to enjoy the lake.  I thought it was a unique location for a wedding and very, very pretty in the fall.  Ashley changed things up and at the bridal sitting we also took pictures of her with her ladies.  On wedding day, I only had to concentrate on the groom before the wedding which let me get more shots of the guys than usual.  The rain was a light mist that came and went in a timely manner.   As soon as they were announced husband and wife, the mist started.  We went under the shelter, unsure of what to do.  As soon as I was sure we would have to rethink the family photos, the mist stopped.  It was a great day with the formidable skies, fun wedding party and beautiful surroundings.
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I know many of you have seen some version of this shot before online but I had to try my hand at it just for the fun of it.