November 04, 2017 - 1st Baptist Church, Mount Airy, NC

I made one of my best wedding memories ever.  First, you have to know I am addicted to sweets.  We had taken "getting ready" pictures and the bride and groom had done the  "first look". We did pictures of the wedding party.  I was taking candids and scrolled through what I had shot when I realized I needed a couple more pictures involving the groom.  The groomsmen and I started looking for him.  One groomsman and I went in one direction and I had the others wait in the sanctuary.  We were told the groom had been spotted near the reception area.  We finally found him.  In a dark kitchen.  Scooping out a plate of strawberry tiramisu  cake.  And he offered us some!  How do you not just love him!! 
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