July 14, 2019 - The Colonnade at Revolution Mill, Greensboro, NC

I knew how much I would enjoy this day. This is the sister of a bride from April 2019. As a mom of two girls myself, I can't imagine two weddings in the first seven months of the year, let alone three months apart. But this mom and her two girls pulled it off and both weddings, although very different were both uniquely special and beautiful.  The family is one of those that will always be missed because in the short time I got to know them, I felt like I'd known them much longer.  They made me and my assistant feel very comfortable and any moment (there aren't many lol) that I got a second to chat, I enjoyed the conversation and company.  This was a new venue as well and I loved it!  The rings are so pretty, I love that deep green and absolutely love the red in the dress.  Thanks M & C for all your patience!!
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