June 22, 2019 - The Establishment, Woodlawn, VA

There is no higher honor than your friends and family trusting you with their irreplaceable memories.  This young lady is almost family.  If I may be so bold, she is a niece by marriage twice removed.  I know I made that up but it sounds good and I love her and her family. I shot her father and stepmother's wedding years ago when she was a very young lady and I have shot two of her cousin's weddings, my nieces by marriage and heart.  There are no words for the feelings.  I love all of these people so much and am grateful to share in their joy and celebration.  I am honored to be linked to them in any small way I can. O is the most genuinely sweet young lady and I love how her happiness radiates off her face.  Look at her expressions and just try not to smile.
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