July 18, 2015 - Personal Home - Cana, VA

Hmmm...what can I say.  See the last two photos, I think that sums up my wedding party.  It was terribly hot and terribly fun.  One of the guests fanned me continuously as I squated in front of him to take pictures of everyone walking up the aisle. God Bless Him!!  I think as far as the photos goes, it was a fantastic day.  My lovely couple did a "first look" so we had the opportuntiy to capture many more images of them then on a traditional wedding day.  Doing so, kept us ahead of schedule and I have loooooots of photos to edit. Hurry for that!  A special thanks to Malachai who had me cracked up laughing and to the bride and groom for their engaging personalities and friends!
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The groomsmen asked for these two shots.  I hope they enjoy, I had fun putting them together.