December 12, 2020 - White Plains Friends Meeting, Mount Airy, NC
Reception at White Sulphur Springs

I am going to miss this bride!  Rain seemed to be part of her photos so she was sure it would rain on the wedding day but no, not a drop in sight.  Engagement pictures had some sprinkles but the bridals, oh what a story!  Three times she put her dress on and three times she took it off.  We tried all day! On the last try, there was STILL rain so mom ran back and forth with an umbrella, moving long enough for me to snap.  10 minutes in, the rain stopped and we had over an hour to shoot.   If you look closely at the portrait she chose, you can actually see the rain drops.   The bride and groom are wonderful and truly deserve the beautiful weather they had on their wedding day.  A perfect wedding to end a less than perfect 2020!
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